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DoD Supplier Reference Materials

Glossary of Terms

such as...

  • VAN - Value-added network
  • NAVICP - Naval Inventory Control Point
  • DIBBS - DLA Internet Bid Board System

DOD Resources


  • DOD Specifications, such as Mil-Std 129
  • DOD Organizations, like DCMA, DLA
  • DOD Mandates, including RFID

Pre-recorded Webinars

such as...

  • "Mil-Std 2073 Packaging Codes"
  • "Advanced Labeling for DOD Suppliers"
  • "Automating WAWF for DOD Suppliers"

Articles on Compliance


  • "Getting Started with Mil-Std 129"
  • "Why Automate WAWF Transactions?"
  • "UID & RFID Correlated and Submitted to WAWF"

Instructional Slides


  • "DLA Order Fulfillment - Fast!"
  • "UID Mandate Compliance"
  • "MIL-Comply Labeling Tour"

Product Brochures

for example...

  • "eMall Purchase Orders - Automated Invoicing"
  • "Automate RFID data submission for VIM-ASAP"